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Although the political upheavals keep on coming the impact that it has had on firearms is slowing up, guns and ammunition are slowly becoming available. ALSO check out our NEW HOURS OF OPERATIONS...


2/14/2014 Update: ONLINE STORE   is open. You can get there by clicking on the link to the left. This is a direct link to our wholesalers and should help you find what your looking for at a great price. This store is for ONLINE purchase only and products are not located in our physical storefront. And if you have any questions at all call us at 480-874-1383. Also click on SERVICES... to find out what you need to buy a firearm online.  



Massad Ayoob Class UPDATE for 2014 


MAG 40 2013 was a great week of training and camaraderie with like-minded folks from all over the country.  But just because you missed the Massad Ayoob Class in 2013 doesn't mean you can't join us for 2014 ... the dates for MAG20(shooting only) courses are October 20 & 21 OR November 3 & 4 and a MAG40 Completion or MAG20 Classroom only (Massad Ayoob 2 Day lecture) on November 1 & 2, 2014 ... to find out more call Kate at 480-874-1383. We will update as classes fill. To download your registration form go to Massad Ayoob Group Class page. 



"Talking Guns" is now on KFNX 1100AM 


Kate has brought Talking Guns to KFNX 1100AM on Sundays 11AM to Noon and now you can now help grow her show by becoming a patron just click on this link BECOME a KKTG Patron ...For more information go to http://www.katekruegertalkingguns.com (or use our new shortcut at http://www.kktgradio.com)  You will find archives of past shows, her blog and links to our guests ...!!






 Kate & Jim